Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Great news for me! I've been asked by BBC Radio Humberside to be their Wildlife Reporter for this year's Summer of Wildlife! I will be doing a small series with 5 episodes. Each episode will look at a different habitat: Woodland, Grassland, Pond, Urban Brownfield, and Urban Managed.
I was taken for a tour of Hull's BBC Studio while learning how to create the series! It was great to learn about how things work backstage. A huge thank you to BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Regional Broadcast co-ordinator Chloe Davies, for taking the time to show me round and teaching me how to create the recordings for the series.

 In the BBC Studio with Chloe.

Practising for the series in the nearby gardens.

I also did a little practise in the nearby public gardens, which was interesting in itself. It was surprising how much life was living there given that it was an intensively managed area.
I am hoping to do all of the episodes in Hull, which will work well for several locations that I want to cover, including Kinder. I'll post further details about when the episodes will be broadcast.


  1. Chris Packham had better watch out! Well done :)

  2. Well done Jacob! Keep up posted on the broadcast and best of luck with this exciting venture.