Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Garden BioBlitz

This year I took part in the Garden BioBlitz, which took place on the 1st and 2nd of June. The word 'Bio' means life, and the word 'Blitz' means to do something quickly and intensively. And that's all it is: to see how much life you can find in your garden in a set amount of time, usually 24 hours. For participants, all the species that were seen had to be written down and sent into iRecord, a brilliant site that manages and shares wildlife records.
The BioBlitz was great fun, and it was amazing to know just how many species there are in our garden. It is small and untidy, but we have made it as wildlife friendly as we can. We haven't cut the lawn in . . . how many years? Its been so long I can't remember. We have put up a nest box, and we have also made a hedgehog home beside our new wildlife pond.
Soon after submitting our records, a person from NBN got back to us, asking if I would be able to write a short piece about our BioBlitz, about 300-400 words.
It has now been put on NBN's 'eNews', along with several other pieces done by fellow participants. To read my piece and the others, click here.
My Dad put a picture of me doing the BioBlitz on Twitter, and a while later he got a tweet from Springwatch, asking if they could use it for that night's episode!
Here's a video of me being mentioned on Springwatch.

The next Garden BioBlitz won't be until next year (2014), so I think I'll probably take part in that one, too.

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